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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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would not have take know place without the special connection with a local community college in our area. they're part of a new wave of community college students. >> before, was floundering around and i have an idea. i know i'm good in this. >> reporter: mckenzie and hic ckrab say the lower tuition costs allow them to work and continue their education. >> basically, it's an option they gave me. and education is important to all of us. >> reporter: they have seen a enrollment surge the past few years. >> we would take people who wouldn't go to college and give them a chance. >> reporter: the dean said that higher enrollment is creating a higher demand for funding. >> community colleges have been the orphan of higher education. >> reporter: in 2009, northern virginia community college gained national attention when a new professor joined the
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faculty. >> dr. joe biden. >> reporter: the wife of the vice president of the united states teaches english as a second language class at the northern virginia community college. >> i know the power of community colleges to change lives. >> reporter: in a daylong community college summit, the president set a goal increasing the number of college graduates by the year 2020. >> community colleges will play a huge part in meeting this goal and by producing a additional 5 million-degrees and certificates. >> last year's stimulus bill included $5.3 billion for the financial aid and $1 billion for training programs. >> you have people not necessarily trained or educated for the jobs that need to be filled. >> reporter: and filing the need an investment that will be paid back. >> gives me an opportunity to work and make up my mind and
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ting inspired. the white house is setting a goal creating one partnership between a community college in an industry in each state and on day one with a $35 million donation from the bill and melinda gates foundation. thank you. a huge accomplishment for d.c. public schools. the first time in nearly 40 years, enrollment has gone up. the school's chancellor michelle rhee and mayor fenty made that moment today. in some schools, ep-- schools, enrollment increased by double- digit percentages. chancellor rhee said even though it shows the school system has a long way to go, parents are putting more faith and confidence in their neighborhood schools. >> we know that this is one critical step in the right direction. last year, we timed -- stemmed the tide of the enrollment loss that was going on and -- >> thee thanked recruiting teams and principals for the
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work. the school day for students could belonger one. commune member mary shea introduced a legislation to extend the school day to seven hours. under the proposal, it would be up to the chancellor and school principals to figure out the best use of the additional time. the bill doesn't apply to charter or private schools. a dubious honor for one d.c. neighborhood. scribes what is -- l street in southeast ranked number 9. here's more from there and reaction from the community. karen, i imagine that no one is happy with that ranking. >> reporter: some folks are furious and let me tell but the list. it was posted by the consumer finance website, walletpop and developed from and based
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on statistics from 17,000 law enforcement agencies and shows the neighborhoods with the highest predicted rates of violent crime. l street southeast in the shade so of national stadium and the u.s. capitol, long a neglected industrial part of town and now, up and coming. >> it's exciting living around here. >> you can see the new development. >> d u.s. transportation department made the headquarters on m street and at lunchtime, the area is full of federal government employees. >> when we walk around here, it's beautiful and i feel safe. >> reporter: ne neighborhoodscout.c om said there is a 1-9 chance of being the victim of a violence or property crime around here. one man we bumped into said he never goes out without a knife for protection. >> and this -- is it hip? >> yes. >> trendy? >> uh-huh. >> walkable? >> for sure. some area residents take issue with the findings of the
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studdie about crime. >> bob siegel doesn't buy the prediction that there will be 240 violent predictions in a year. >> i doubt that and there is something flawed about the survey. >> you have people coming through here and walking their dogs at night. >> i have not seen anything around here to cause me to feel any type of fear. >> reporter: ward 6 councilman tommy wells is outraged by the survey. >> it's fiction and that on l street it's one of the better neighborhoods and there is a time when it was more dangerous. >> and the study gives the neighborhoods a poor rating. >> anyone can come up with's list. westlake street in chicago was number one on the list. four neighborhoods in atlanta made the list.
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will. karen, thank you and the news edge on the governor's race. the latest poll found 49% would vote for o'malley and ehrlich receiving 41% of the vote. it's a rematch for the two candidates. governor o'malley beat bob ehrlich in 2006. democrats trailing in key states as mid-term elections get closer, according to new data released. in west virginia, a fox news poll shows democrat joe mansion trailing john racy by 5 points in the u.s. senate race and in nevada, sharon engle leads by 39 points and. life in prison, the sentence handed down to shazad, the man behind the failed bombing attempt in times square
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last may. he pleaded guilty in june to 10 undercos of weapon's charges. he went on to say a defeat of the u.s. is imminent. a mother and her two young sons killed in a deadly house fire. coming up next, investigators have have new released the call cause of the fire. and missing without a trace. a search is underway for this missing maryland man who disappeared in a national park. >> i the trail completely. and an experienced hiker stranded for six days after a series of wrong turns. tonight, his amazing story of -- amazing story of survival. 
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>> we now know what sparked a deadly house fire in lorton, virginia, last month. unattended candles are to blame. the fire killed a mother and two of her children. 24-year-old allie anderson and her sons, 5-year-old solomon
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and 3-year-old alphonso were killed. she managed to hand three of the other children out of the window to an adult below when she went back in, she was not seen again. a search is underway in yellowstone national park for a missings maryland man. he left a note for his family and said he was going an extended cross country trip. on sunday, authorities found the vehicle in the park. the repeated searches failed to locate him. he's from burtonsville. and as hope was fading to find a california man who disappeared in joshua tree national park, he turned up six days later and is telling his miraculous story of survival. ed rosenthal set out for a day hike and got lost after a series of wrong turns. >> i got weaker and weaker and i would have died without my hiking stick to raise and lower myself. i stayed there five days and turned out i was very friendly
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with this horsefly. and that was my companion there and slept on me and hung out all day. >> and can't blame him. he wrote love notes to his wife on the inside of his hat and laid out some of the details of the funeral and who he wanted to be the pallbearers. little critters causing concern. >> what you need to know before you buy new mattress. plus, free hiv testing unveiled at an unlikely location in the district. we're examining this. and is the world ready to see this man in the white house? we're talking about donald trump. he's seriously considering running for president in 2012. he told fox news america has lost its global respect. he said he's been asked to run as a reform candidate party before. if he ran now, he's going to do it as a republican. 
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>> bed bugs are under attack at the reagan building. pet control workers are spraying parts of the building. they were found on thursday in a section of offices occupied by the u.s. agency for international development. the u.s. aids scheduled the treatment for today after clearing the area and making sure that the bugs -- bug his not spread to other offices. the reagan building is the latest place where the bed bugs found a home. you heard of the troubles in manhattan, right? they're difficult to get rid of and some pesticides may work in some part of the country and the latest in the battle can be found at the place where you buy mattresses. >> reporter: they don't call them bedbugs for nothing. they can hide in the tiniest seems and crevaces of your mastress -- mattress and no matter how hard you try to find one that is bug resistent, the
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kind of bed you buy may not make a difference. >> reporter: mattress traditions carries the same kind of mattress the queen of england sleeps on and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. at that price, you would think they're iron glad against bed bugs. you would be wrong. >> and no matter how expensive the mattress is, there is no bed bug poof -- proof mattress. >> any mattress, i don't care what is inside. they can be on it and hide. >> --d about bugs were never part of the equation until now. >> the 'dem sick spreading. the pests pop up in hotels and homes, public buildings and stores. exterminators call them the most difficult pest to eliminate. >> they're more difficult than rodents, more difficult than tomorrow nights and-yard penalties. >> reporter: there is no way to make a home 100% bed bug proof. >> they're heavenhikers and
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travel with us. >> reporter: that is a bug- proof zipper. >> you can bug proof your mattress. >> this is designed to cover a box spring. >> reporter: protective covers are hot sellers these days. >> essentially, really, the best thing you can do is to cover the mattress with something enclosing it. >> reporter: that keeps them off the mattress and the bugs may still be a short crawl away. >> they can be behind your wall boards and electrical sockets, picture frames, clothing and they can be everywhere. >> reporter: if you find one or two bugs, there is probably more. >> and this is not a do-it- yourself best. >> reporter: getting rid of bed bugs cost a few hundred to thousands of and at least if you have a protective cover, you won't have to throw out the mattress. a couple of tips to prevent bringing them home. check the bed in the hotel room
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and when you get home, wash all the colleagues in hot water. and it got easier for residents to learn their hiv status. starting today, you can learn a free test at the dmv. it's available in southeast and it's a one-year project aimed at reaching residents at a city where 3% of the population tests positive for hiv and aids. the test is oral and results are available in 20 minutes. those tested get a $15 voucher to pay for any services at the dmv. if you plan to use the icc when it opens, you better get an easy pass -- ez pass. the new roadway will be the first all-electronic toll road in the state of maryland. $1.45 for peak hours and $1.15 any time else. the ez pass will cost 45, $46
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and 25 is prepaid toll money. go through all of the numbers there. >> oh. and we're going to talk about some weather and wind. >> that is more typical than early november . >> yeah. >> and that is an early preview for you. >> we're going to see temperatures rebound into the the low 70s and that is either two too hot or chilly. >> 70s is what i like. >> me, too. >> you turn your furnace on? >> i haven't yet. >> and neigh found them and we're noticing the cooler temperatures. staying cool tomorrow and dress appropriately for that and bring an umbrella around and there will be a spotty hower -- sower here and there and the sun will be back by thursday and you you will need the
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sunglasses. the weekend is also looking very nice and that is when we think the low 70s will come back and we're in a bit of a blocked weather pattern. the warm, dry stuff is in the middle of the country and have the trough. we have not seen a lost over the last few weeks. keeping us kind of cool with the showers and this is that jet stream and this is keeping us in the soup for longer. minus the really heavy rain that we saw last thursday. >> and a high temperature, 63. the average is 72 degrees this time of the year. dulles, 61; bwi marshal 60 and most places are in the 50s at this hour and manner you can tough it out without the furnace. pittsburgh, 46; beckly, west virginia, 45 degrees and talking about a chilly overnight with lower 40s in the suburbs and dropping to 48 degrees here in the district. tomorrow, a little bit dreary, maybe some sunny breaks and
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there could be a spotty shower. the low will pull away tomorrow and there will be a chill start at 8 in the morning and 50. by noon, sunshine and 59, building up more clouds in the peak heating of the day, relatively speaking. getting up to 62 and that might result in a few showers as we watch this huge area of low pressure that is spinning. there is almost a center of circulation and this is the low that is pulling on out and has a grip on the mid-atlantic and that will be around tomorrow and see match hd future cast and the morning hours and some sunshine early in the morning and we get to the early evening hours and you can see a whole pattern shifting away and spins on out of here and brings us back to sunshine for thursday and friday and this is your
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five-day forecast. to wrap it up and i'm going to keep my furnace going one more night, will and i will click it off and go free style with the free air conditioning provided by temperatures in the 50s at night and low 70s during the day. very nice drying trend is going to begin tomorrow and one or two hit o'miss showers tomorrow. >> just get an extra blanket. >> and -- >> there you go. now, a walk down memory lane. take a look. it's a somber moment here and for someone who brought many smiles, a final tribute to the man who cofounded the washington redskins hog jets. the former navy mast or chief was buried with full military honors at arlington national cemetary. he was a 27-year veteran and served in vietnam and in retirement, his alter ego
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helped raise children in hospitals and went to two superbowls. >> reporter: in sports, will an injury sideline clinton portis. and they came up short in the last play-offs last year. why the caps say they're ready to deliver now as a new season rapidly approaches. and first, 8 years after he shed an amazing 115 pounds to gastric bypass surgery, al roker, the early morning guy is ready for a new challenge. the 56-year-old tv personality is planning to run the new york city marathon in november. i would walk that whole thing. his wife&, another tv personality, debra roberts, told "people" magazine her husband has been practicing with a trainer. smart there. roker is down to a 13-minute mile. ring ring ring ring
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> good afternoon. if you're a hockey fan or a friend, you are jacked up for this weekend. the caps drop the puck on friday and will drop it at the
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verizon center on saturday. april 28th, the last time we saw them, alex ovechkin congratulating the canadians who rallied to eliminate the caps in the first round and today, the caps continued their preps for the season opener on friday night at atlanta against the thrashers. entering the sixth season. and marcus johansson received a birthday present and learning he made the roster and caps are predicted to be the nhls best and dealing with a stigma of coming up short in the post season. >> and you have been around for awhile. did you buy any of that, the caps are so good and did that >> no, i would like to meet face few taste the person that said that. i believe in our hockey team and what we, do coaches and players. i think we practice as hard as
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anyone and haved tallent and skill. >> the new year started and there is only one team that can win. we're capable and have to deliver. >> the opener is saturday against the devils. red-skins eagles game on sunday. the most watched week 4 sunday nfl game in history. meanwhile, the redskins could be without a major player in week 5. clinton portis carried the ball 11 times in sunday's win and this early carry was the last. he said that he does not expect to play against the packers and does not foresee the team attempting him to play and this afternoon, posting the third annual luncheon for breast area survivors. tanja needer, a survivor and
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who is joined by players' wives. they will be special guests and that is a cause close to chris cooly's heart. his mom is a cancer survivor. >> the redskins invited the women. in the first year, it was just me and -- that that is three years later. i'm proud to be a part of it and -- [ indiscernible ] for everything they do to help us out. >> and that is good. >> thank you, feldy. you have the news edge. log on to for a chat during the show. tmz on tv is coming your way next.
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